Sharon Boothroyd

Senior Financial Advisor

Sharon is a senior financial planner with Investment Planning Counsel with nearly twenty years’ experience. Sharon’s clientele are people who work closely with her to define their goals, dreams and aspirations. In serving her clients’ best interests, Sharon ensures the investments are suitable and will provide, in time, for a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. Risk reduction is an important part of providing the peace of mind which clients desire and is often unrecognized as being an integral part of a financial plan.

The ability to grow wealth is the readily recognized portion of a financial plan. The strength of the asset development is a key feature in Sharon’s capacity to provide clients with an expectation of having enough to last a lifetime and beyond. Clients wishing to leave a legacy to provide for others are assured their wishes will be considered in the development and implementation of their plans.

Lifetime goals are the foundation for all that ensues with clients. As a Certified Financial Planner, Sharon engages a variety of strategies for use with her clients. Planning Your Peace of Mind is central to Sharon’s practice.


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